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Need Motivation? Look Inward!

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As an introvert, perhaps I’m biased against leaders who try to motivate others by being loud and demonstrative. National Football League and other pro sports games are fun to watch, but I turn away whenever someone starts showing off for the camera. Note that I didn’t say “celebrating with their teammates” or “celebrating the moment” — what I can’t stand is the artificial stuff that’s not integral to the game.

I believe that all motivation comes from within. You might convince me I want to do something, but I must be the one who decides it’s worth the effort.

At least one other person agrees with me. Garret Kramer, a sports psychologist, wrote the following on the SmartBlogs Leadership blog:

So, in my opinion, leadership is not about encouraging, pushing or cheering on; it’s about pointing others inward so they recognize that the ability to be motivated rests with them.

I think reading his full post is worth your time.

The message? Stop waiting for someone else to motivate you — they can’t unless you let them. And if you’re willing to let them, why not do it yourself?

Deer Join a Horse Race

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You never know when an improv moment will come along…

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December 3, 2012 at 2:08 pm

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Introverts and Crowds

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One of the most difficult aspects of being an introvert is finding a way to get ahead in a world dominated by extroverts. The unfortunate truth is that, especially in our early years, we overcompensate.

I was particularly guilty of this type of behavior in high school. I didn’t understand that other, more outgoing students weren’t just being loud and aggressive. Instead, they were simply acting the way their instincts told them to. Social awkwardness and much unintentional hilarity ensued.

I found my way out of this particular trap by joining and staying with a couple of improv groups, one in DC for three years and my second here in Portland for seventeen. I highly recommend improv, or theater in general, as a way to break out of one’s shell and learn how to cooperate with others in the business and in life. Don’t expect immediate results, but it’s like going to the gym — your friends will probably notice the change before you do.