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Teamwork and Trust

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I wanted to take another quick break from my series of listening articles to point out a terrific thought from a high school film student regarding a project he helped create through the Ghetto Film School in New York City. This quote comes from Mark Singer’s “Tales About Town” piece on pages 21-2 of the May 7, 2012 issue of New Yorker magazine.

During the Q.&A., the moderator, Evan Shapiro, a Ghetto Film School board member, asked Jared Ray, “How does it feel to write the best script of the program and then lose control?”

“I didn’t mind, because I’d grown so close to my classmates,” said Jared, now a film student at SUNY Purchase, conveying a heartwarming level of trust and a potentially career-jeopardizing lack of cynicism.

I hope Jared never loses his trust in his colleagues. Trust is hard to gain and easy to lose, but it sounds like he and the rest of the team found the proper way forward.

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